Why Choose Us?








Dave and Pete's clients tend to be independent business owners and professionals who are extremely busy, ranging from Doctors, Dentists, Attorneys and Realtors, to Manufacturers, Construction, Transportation, Insurance, Software, Scientists and Social Workers.

One of the major concerns of this group is that the government is making it difficult for them with all the forms, filings, regulations, restrictions - not to mention the fees and taxes. In addition, many business owners have established a Pension Plan for which they are responsible. Yet, no one seems to be able to service their employee’s retirement accounts.

While the size of the clients we serve range from start-ups to multi-million dollar businesses and practices, many of them feel that life is more than just about the money. We save them time.

Our clients hire us because they find it difficult to find the time to stop and do strategic planning. They are so busy fighting the alligators, that it’s the boa constrictor that finally gets them. Every business owner and professional needs an objective observer to serve as a catalyst and a financial advisor to help them plan and follow through to success. We keep it simple.

Starting with a snapshot of where you are now, and seeing how it compares to where you would like to be, an analysis and projections are performed to find out where your business is on or off track. We'll offer suggestions for your consideration. You will undoubtedly accept some, reject others, and ask for more information or clarification where needed.

As a client of Retire On Time™, you’ll meet with us twice a year to discuss your progress and make minor course corrections. Meanwhile, you are free to concentrate on operating your business or practice with maximum efficiency, and spend quality personal time with your family.

Of course, we are available to consult with clients by phone anytime at no extra charge.